Wednesday 28 November 2012

On the move

I am on the move.  Not in the real world, just online.  I have reached the limit for photographs on this blog, and am being asked to pay a monthly subscription for the honour of being able to upload photos to this blog.  Therefore I am moving.  I figure that those who are interested in the comings and goings in this household will follow us to our new abode. 

So our new address is:

It would be lovely to see you, and I promise to become a frequent blogger again, and try to show you other things other than crafts!!


  1. This just happened to me too...I chose to delete all my old posts, but San says that you can shrink your pictures, so they take up less room...might be worth looking into that before moving on :) Nice to have a fresh home anyway! xxx

  2. Wow! I never knew they did that! Yes, I'll follow you! :-) x

  3. What? Really? I never knew that! I will definitely be following your new blog :)


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