Monday 5 November 2012

Day of the Dead

Stuart and I had a weekend away this last weekend.  A band we like, Rodrigo y Gabriella, were playing a "Day of the Dead" celebration in the Old Vic Tunnels, under Waterloo station in London.  So children went to Nanny's house, with much excitement, and Stuart and I boarded a train to start our adventure. 
After arriving at the hotel, we went exploring, to find our way to the venue.  The entrance was down a tunnel full of grafitti.  I think people were encouraged to use this tunnel rather than anywhere else, so every spare bit of wall was covered, and there was quite an aroma of paint!!
On our way back to the hotel we discovered a Cuban bar, so thought this was a good way to get into the Latino spirit, even better as it was Happy Hour!!

 Not really knowing what to expect, I had decided to get into the whole feel for Day of the Dead, and dressed up as a skeleton bride, with a sugar skull face paint effect too.  I did feel slightly daft when walking about amongst everyone else who was dressed normally, at least with all that face paint on, no-one could see me blushing!  Stuart did try the face paint, but it didn't really go with his beard!
 Well, once we were there, it was amazing!!  The tunnels were so atmospheric, very dimly lit, and rather spooky. There was free mexican food, which was delicious.  And a rather nice Mexican cocktail with lime and jasmine in, which was all too easy to drink!
 This tunnel is where the food was served, and where the concert was held.
 There were sculptures around the place.  This donkey was made up of tiny little bronze figures.
 There were lots of candles, and eerily lit places.
 We were fortunate to be able to meet up with friends too, which made it even more special.
 More candles...
 Other people dressed up (so I didn't feel completely silly!)
 And the highlight of the evening... Rodrigo y Gabriella.  The most talented guitarists ever!!
A fabulous evening, topped off with breakfast in Covent Garden the following day.  Magical, really a wonderful weekend.


  1. Looks like a great evening!

  2. That looks great! I love your make up and costume!



  3. That looks such fun. Glad you had a good time xxx

  4. Wow it has tired me out just reading about it! I must be getting old! It looks fantastic though. xxx

  5. Wow! How amazing does your weekend look?!? You look brilliant in your face paints....and the cocktails and food look and sound delicious! Good on you for having such a great time!


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