Friday 7 September 2012

New starts

 September is always a time for new starts, and this September is no different.  Luke is off to High School.  Getting there under his own steam, and at a school where only a handful of people from his old school are going.  Also note the hair!  He had to have it cut to collar length, much to our consternation, but Luke accepted the schools decision, and is happy with his new style.

Sophie starts school too, which has coincided with a massive burst of independence (alas not independent in walking, she still prefers to be carried, and is getting really heavy now!)  She is enjoying school, and the first day walked in, waved goodbye to me at the door, whislt all the other parents were going in with their child, all I could do was stand on the periphery and watch her take her first steps to independence.  How she has changed from that child who would not let me leave her at pre-school 18 months ago. 

We are seeing how she manages school over the next few weeks, as she has the option of staying doing part-time until Christmas as she is one of the younger ones. 
Alec has gone back to school minus his best friend who has moved schools.  He is coping well, and is hoping to join a couple of clubs such as photography and chess.  Ethan is in his final year of first school (how did that go so quick?) and is loving being back with his friends. 
As for me, I am at home now, by myself for the first time in 14 years!  It can get very quiet, but I have so much to keep me busy, especially with my Aisling Designs shop that has a steady flow of custom orders, and I have been finding time to create extra things to stock my shop with too.


  1. I remember having all my kids finally in school.. it was a real exhilarating sense of freedom! I soon was asked to take a job as executive director of a non-profit corporation - I kind of wish that I'd stayed home longer and enjoyed the free days. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. My oldest 2 are in college now. But my youngest just started this year. After over 18 years of having babies home with me I am alone all day now. I am going crazy with lonliness :)

  3. I am sure you will soon find ways to fill up the time before the kids come home from school....and, it won't be long before they are on their half term break and you can have them home again :)

  4. Wow they both looks so grown up - hope ythey are all enjoying school and new starts :-)


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