Tuesday 18 September 2012

Goodbye dear friend

 Gimli, my darling Gimli.  Only with us for a short 15 months, but what an impression you made on our lives.  The gentlest cat I have ever come across.  I would forget you had claws, as you never drew them.  So laid back, quite literally!  Your favourite way of relaxing was on your back with legs splayed open!
 That furry tummy just waiting for a tummy rub.  But ready to come out for a walk to take the children up to school.  Diving into bushes at approaching cars.  Waiting for me to return home to open yet another packet of Felix "as good as it looks" food.  The only food you would touch (apart from ours!) and then not particularly keen on the chicken flavour!

You would play occasionally, but it ruffled your fur, so you always had to stop to groom yourself.  You loved a brush, and would stretch your back legs out for me to get a good go at those fiddly bits.  You always had goosegrass burrs or grass seeds in your fur, and even caught the odd slug in your fur too!!

 You had a best friend, Geddy, who liked your food, but you never chased him out, just came to tell me he was eating your food again!  You were a real hit with the neighbourhood, and I hear stories of your antics, such as sitting the other side of a glass window tormenting a greyhound, or sauntering back from the park early in the morning, after your nights out, or even trying out other catflaps, and scaring the owners when finding you and Geddy in their house!!
How can you be no longer with us?  It is not fair!  You lived a wonderful cat life, and we are so grateful that we could share it with you.  I still wait for you to return home, forgetting that you are resting in peace at the bottom of the garden.  I hear noises and think it is you.  I open doors, expecting you to be there.  Even Geddy came calling, and was caterwaling at the front door, bidding you to come out to play. 

Gimli, my furry baby.  I miss you...I love you...sleep tight xxxxx


  1. Aw honey, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Have a (((hug))) and I hope your fond memories of Gimli soon help to heal the pain x x

  2. This is a lovely post in honour of your lovely Gimli. You were lucky to have had him and he was lucky to have had you all. I can empathise with your loss and pain. I told my kids 'the hurt is a measure of the love you had' when we lost our old dog. They are more than pets to us they are 'friends', companions and loved ones. They are irreplaceable yet there are so many in need of good loving homes... (((Hugs)))

  3. Aww lovely post for a beautiful boy, I was so sorry to hear about his passing. I often find myself calling Lucy (the recent doggie addition) George, and he is never far from my thoughts, but now they are happy memories rather than the bitter sadness I felt when he died. You are all in my thoughts and prayers xx

  4. He's a gorgeous cat. I'm so sorry, and sending love to you all xxx


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