Monday 12 December 2011

Seven Days

 Well, it started with a "bang" quite literally!  We have a horrible feeling this will be the end of this 20 year old Mazda MkI.
 Ethan was in a school play, where he was a redundant teacher (a modern day slant on the Christmas Carol, and perhaps a tad topical!)
 We did some baking.
 Had a mini celebration of Bodhi Day.
 Made decorations with our first attempt at drying orange slices.
 More pictures of the Guild meeting.
And this last picture isn't from this week, but links to Gimli's very brief adventure in a tumble drier!  Thank goodness Sophie had seen him climb in there, she really did save his life.

Joining in with Jacqui at the Barefoot Crofter, for a glimpse at our seven days.  Which, if I am honest, have been a bit too eventful for my liking this week!


  1. Nice to end with a picture of a lovely cosy fire. It is great seeing the kids perform - they alway take us by surprise, even though we know they are talented. Poor Gimli - well done Sophie! have a lovely week, and thank you for joining in.

  2. Oh gosh, that was lucky that Sophie saw Gimly climb into the dryer.!!
    Looks like a lovely week - apart from your car!!
    Kimmy xx

  3. Gimli has had one of his nine lives! Lucky puddy. I am sorry to see your car I am assuming nobody was hurt? That is quite a bump! I am wishing you a peaceful Christmas xxx

  4. A bit too eventful indeed! Lovely decorations! Hope you have a wonderful week this week!


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