Thursday 29 December 2011


 We got into the Christmas spirit with a trip on the steam train at Kidderminster to go see Santa.  We were greeted by the most vivid rainbow, which this picture really does not do justice to.
 A trip in the buffet car through a rainy countryside was very atmospheric.
 Our destination, Arley.  Steam trains coming and going. 
 Sophie dancing to the music provided by the brass band whilst we munched on roast chestnuts whilst queuing  to see the man himself.
 I was very impressed with Santa's reply to Sophie's request for a skateboard, a simple "I will see what I can do!"  Although she was initially rather disappointed with the teddy she was given, as she expected a skateboard there and then!
 Other preparations included the blanket.  Finished, but not edged, in case Stan wanted it any larger.  It was very touching giving it to him on Christmas Day, and my fears of it upsetting him were unfounded. I think it is fair to say he likes it.
 A typical scene.  This was eating more roast chestnuts, whilst supping mulled wine.
 Alec made sure Santa knew where we had put the gifts for him.
 The Christmas meal went smoothly, and was quite a feast.
 There was of course lego as well.  Ethan built this all by himself.
Just snippets, there was so much crammed into quite a few days, with visits from my aunt, uncle and Grandpa, Stuart's brother and his family, Stan stayed with us for 5 days before going to stay with his daughter in Wales, and my brother came to visit.

There were classical concerts listened to and watched, Grandma bags given out in memory of Jean, plenty of toys played with, too much food eaten, and many more things.  We were all facing a different Christmas, but it has been lovely, surrounded by so much family.  Truly special.


  1. Your train ride sounds lovely and Stan's Blanket is fabulous...I am glad he liked it :)

  2. Looks wonderful, so glad you all had a nice christmas x

  3. Claire, that blanket is STUNNING!! I started a granny square one for our bed but I think I only managed about four squares before I got distracted..

    I love your blog so much xxx

    Oh gosh, I remember the steam train in Kidderminster! We lived in Hagley for a long time and took that train a couple of times - no Santa though!


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