Monday 6 June 2011

Beach Days

 A week's holiday in Cornwall, in our favourite cottage at Rinsey.  We arrived to a thick sea fog, but that didn't stop us from going and checking out Praa Sands.  We drove down to a carpark previously unknown to us, and we couldn't tell where on the beach we were, it was that thick, and incredibly eery.
 An evening later we went back to Praa sands, this time walking along the coast, with buckets and spades at the ready, and yes, Ethan walked the whole way there with a bucket on his head!!
 A lovely evening walk.

 We ate out every night, and this one evening we ended up at Gwithian.  A surfer hot spot, which was Luke was quite pleased with, and wants to go back there for surf lessons, perhaps for his birthday.
 Lots of pebbles meant we ended up creating a bit of a Zen-like garden.  As well as discussing sedimentary and igneous rocks!
 Along with some sand dunes to explore.
 And finally, what Luke had been wanting to do all holiday, but the weather was too cold!  He spent the whole day in the water! I think next time though, we will have to invest in some waterproof sunscreen!
 Alec joined in the fun too.  Sophie also had a fantastic time in the sea, no photos though, too busy trying to stop my skirt from falling in the water!!
 What to do though, whilst all the children are down at the water with Daddy, and in the absence of knitting?  Find cuttlefish and carve sculptures of course!!

We got up to many more things which will be subjects for subsequent posts.


  1. Looks amazing - glad you had a good holiday. You must come up here sometime - there are some wonderful surfer's

  2. Oh lovely, glad you had a nice holiday, part of the country I love to go to.
    Love the stone balancing art - something we always do on the beaches too, relaxing and fun.

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  4. Hi Claire,
    Such lovely beach photos!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful organic top and the mango too, it was soi lovely to get your parcel and such a surprise. It feels like you know us so well, such perfect gifts!
    love to you all
    Gina xxx


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