Friday 27 May 2011

This week

 I've been meaning to blog all week, but just never really got around to it, so here's an amalgamation of all the different things I was going to post about!! 

Do you remember around this time last year, Luke suffered a real disappointment with his swimming, they didn't think kis swimming was up to scratch, and whilst trying to get his 2000m badge they asked him to stop? Well, he has been working hard, his teacher has been working on his style, and last Saturday (at a silly time of 9.15am (that doesnt usually exist at the weekends, well not in terms of being out the house!) Luke got into the pool and started the first of his 100 lengths.  An hour and a half later, he got out the pool with a beaming face, as he had achieved his goal. 

In the meantime, Alec was going for his 100m badge, but did not stop swimming!  In the end he ended up swimming 400m!!  And Ethan was attempting his 10m, and swam 20m!  So a very successful morning all round.  Well done lads!

Over the autumn we put up a bird box in some "dead space" at the back of the shed.  We had been wanting to put in a camera, as the tv was only the other side of the wall, but we didn't get around to it.  Wish we had now, as we have a family of blue tits in residence!  Can you see it sticking it's head out the bird box? This is the closest we can get, which I suppose is perfect for the birds, but I would love to be able to have a closer peek!
 I love this patch of the garden at the moment, so colourful, and it always brings a smile to my face.  I also love the fact that at other times of the year, the interesting areas are in different parts of the garden. 
 I was doing a bit more spinning the other evening, when Sophie wanted a turn.  I slipped the drive band off, so she wasn't pulling the wool through, but felt like she was spinning by pushing it with her hand.  I was impressed with her technique though, she's obviously been watching, as she was treadling, and holding the fleece and yarn correctly, she was also trying to get the yarn to feed through.  I guess soon enough she'll have to have her own bobbin to spin on to!
 And finally, we had so many downpours yesterday there was no hope in staying dry when picking the boys up from school.  No problem though, we embraced the wetness, and set off early for some puddle jumping.  By the time we were back home, we were truly sodden, but it didn't seem to put Sophie off doing a tad more puddle jumping!!
So there we are.  Random glimpses of the week.  I would have hoped to have shown you all the plants I have transplanted down the allotment, but the weather keeps putting pay to that at the moment.  Got so much to still get planted, but we'll get there, slowly but surely!!


  1. Well done boys on the swimming x

    Lovely to peek around your garden, and birds nesting is such a wonderful thing to see for you all.

    Go Sophie! It's amazing how much they pick up just watching you - Imogen has picked up techniques really well and has a really good go of it now, must let her have a go on the new wheel as it's so easy to use she'll probably have no problems. She already talks about when she has her own wheel! Looks like Sophie is learning from her Mama too x

    Have fun with your planting if you get a break in the weather.

  2. Well done to your boys for their swimming!!

    The photo of Sophie spinning on your spinning wheel is so lovely! She's going to pick that up very quickly by just watching you. I love watching people using spinning wheels, I can see why it would appeal to a child!

    Your garden is looking beautiful and how exciting to have blue tits nesting in your garden. I've never had much success with nest boxes until we moved to where we live now. I often spend time sitting by the window with my binoculars these days!


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