Friday 1 October 2010


Wetness has definitely been a theme of late. Firstly, the tumble-drier packed up, so I am seeing how we can manage as a family of six, with one in cloth nappies (bamboo of all kinds whic take an age to dry!) without a tumble drier. The weather is not helping (very inconsiderate!), and at this time of year we get no sun in the back garden, so even line drying on a good day is not very effective. I am perservering for now, but I'm not sure I can last all winter like this!!

Sophie spent a bit of her birthday money on a bargain yesterday. A water table, which has kept her occupied all afternoon. An added bonus is that kitchen floor has never been so clean, but I think we are down to our last dry tea towel!! The chickens were looking decidely sorry for themselves. I gave them the run of the garden today (they are confined to the bottom of the garden usually now, so that the rest of the garden can recover!), but they spent most of their time under the shelter of the trampoline.
I do think Hetty (the one at the front) has a certain psychotic look about her when she is wet!
And the dahlias needed rescuing from the front garden, as some had their stems broken off with the force of the rain. Not that I am upset, I can now admire their beauty inside and close up. Does anyone remember how people used to sell Chrysanthemums in buckets outside their house? I haven't seen someone doing that for years. I think I will just have to grow some next year, and I might just get myself a bucket too!


  1. I found the easiest way to dry clothes indoor - especially bambo nappies was to pop on a fan overnight blowing over the clothes (cooling fan, not heated). I found it the movement of air helped to dry the nappies and other clothes much quicker. In fact I'll be seeking out my fan, as I have a ton of washing too. I popped some out this morninghoping to get it dried before the rain started.. nope, forgot about it, so now I'm having to spin dry before I can hang on the clothes horse.

  2. Hey what a great idea to have the water table indoors, and a quick mop up cleans the kitchen floor.

    Hope you get your drying dilemma sorted, I'm not a fan of tumble dryers but then there are only 3 of us so no need for one, sounds like yours can be a lifesaver. x


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