Monday 18 October 2010

Mama-Made Monday - My first attempts

I thought I would share a few of my first attempts at things, spanning from prior to Luke being born, to soon after Sophie was born. In between my first born and last born, not much crafting happened, but that was because "I" had been lost, throwing myself into motherhood completely, "I" had disappeared. The re-emergence of my crafting has coincided with a new found identity of "me".

My first attempt at crafting for many years was making some french knitting butterflies and flowers, and turning them into a mobile for Sophie's room. I then had a go at sewing, with a sewing machine bought for me by my Mum.
The dress was made from some curtains I picked up in a charity shop, a little bit of new fabric to line it with and make the floral part of the flower, and some mother of pearl buttons from my button stash. As for the pattern, I just drew around a dress Sophie already had!
And this cardigan is the one and only item of clothing I managed to create since I was expecting Luke (until I rediscovered my creative side more recently). Admittedly it didn't have the flower on the hood when worn by Luke, Alec or Ethan! But it will now be packed away with cedar wood ready for grandchildren!


  1. What lovely things - I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more crafty stuff from you now. xxx


  2. Great stuff Claire. The dress is really cute, and you are obviously a whizz on the sewing machine.

    I keep wondering if I can bring myself to give this mama-made-monday a try..... knowing I'll probably fail! It's a worry.

  3. Oh Claire, they are lovely things

  4. Glad you have found your crafty side, I did earlier this year and I feel so much better for getting back into being arty again.


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