Saturday 14 November 2009


This week has pretty much been a right-off. Sophie's cough has developed into a chest infection, and after a slight recovery on Wednesday I decided not to give her the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. However, she is now struggling so decided that breastmilk and cuddles is not enough and she is now on the antibiotics, much to her disgust!!

Ethan has been fighting some bug that gave him a temperature and some sickness. Alec has a tummy upset, and Stuart has had blocked ears!

Luke was rather upset at being the only one going to school, but at least he is healthy for now, if a little exhausted! He went to see Muse with Stuart on Tuesday, which kept him on a high for Wednesday despite the return home at midnight, but he definitely crashed and burned on Thursday!

I've heard alot about juicing recently, and years ago bought a book with various juicing recipes in. This has been brought out again this week in an attempt to stave off the inevitable illnesses, I haven't even offered the children any, as I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go for pepper and onion etc. If anyone has any child friendly immune boosting juice recipes I'd be grateful to hear of them!

I have been trying to sort everyone out and do a few things for myself too. I have finished off the longies for Sophie for Christmas, I just have to tie-dye them now. Doing some little knitted projects as and when I can, and trying to get my head around patterns etc for a big sewing session! Also managed to use some more of the cooking apples up to make 8 jars of apple chutney, in the slow cooker of all things!

However, due to Sophie being ill, she is wanting to be carried much more, and I have really noticed the effect on my pelvis following the SPD during my pregnancy. I guess it will always be a weakness, I just hope, as she is getting bigger now, I can carry on wearing her without too many repercussions.

The chickens are not laying regularly now, I guess with the awful light we have had, so we may get to a point soon where I have to buy eggs! And the poor allotment has not had a look in!


  1. Heck, I hope your little ones are back to health soon! I have a juicer machine, though shamefully, I haven't used it for months, but I intend to (once I've cleaned all the dust off!). I usually just juice up apples, oranges and will often shove the odd carrot in there too and maybe a bit of raw brocolli. It doesn't alter the taste as they are only small bits, but I know they are there and doing good.

  2. Know how you feel our week has been similar! We've been drinking my favourite APL with a twist (apples, pear and lime or lemon) -the twist is ginger - great for sickness and upset tummies and child friendly too. Hope everyone feels better soon x

  3. Hope you're all feeling better soon.xx

  4. hope you are all feeling better soon. poor sophie.
    russ is v jealous of stuart and luke going to see muse!
    was great to meet you all.


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