Monday 23 November 2009


What a wonderful weekend filled with creativity.

Saturday was my Mother-in-laws birthday. She is a wonderful mother, grandmother, mother-in-law to us all, and all she wanted was to spend time with her family. We invited her and my Father-in-law over for tea, which was local minted lamb chops with roast potatoes, and lots of veg. Followed by a homegrown raspberry pavlova (apart from the cream and the sugar!), and birthday cake. I think it went down well (especially the pavlova!)

Sunday was far more relaxed, I finished a hat for Ethan for Christmas, an added challenge being that it being pure wool, that had been stored in the conservatory for a while, some moths had found it, and had a good munch! (Note to self, get some cedar balls!)

Stuart and the boys settled down to a WarHammer painting session, the looks of intense concentration on their faces were fantastic. Although Sophie wanted to join in, so needed entertaining elsewhere. In fact her frustration at the whole thing has prompted her to learn to climb onto the dining chairs, to try and join in! However, toddlers and fine detailed painting really do not go together!

A stupid realisation has struck both Stuart and I, we spend far too long online, to the detriment of the children. It really should have hit us ages ago, 4 young children and an online life do not go hand in hand, therefore, far less time online for us, and hopefully far more creativity at home. In fact our Christmas tree this year is going to be decorated with WarHammer dwarves painted as santa! That should add a certain "something" to it!


  1. It was my birthday on saturday. I had a lovely family day too.
    I cannot go online at all if James is around - he either switches it off or wants to watch diggers on you tube. That said i still spend too long in the evenings surfing. xxx

  2. I bet yours will be the only tree like that - don't forget to take a picture to show us xx

  3. Lovely post! Firstly, yes, I worry that I spend too much time online. When Rosie was a baby, I didn't even have a computer let alone internet access and we read sooo many books and must have done lots more craft things. The computer is great, but I think I need to learn to switch it off.

    Secondly, it was soooo lovely to hear of a family that gets on well with the in-laws. I hardly saw my MIL and FIL, because they were very elderly and lived in Ireland and now they are dead and both my parents disliked their in-laws on either side. But one day, I'll be a MIL and I would really love to have a good relationship with my future son or daughters in law and so reading your post makes me know it is possible!! Sounds like you had a wonderful, happy, crafting week with people you love - can't beat it!! xx

  4. Don't beat yourself up about being on line!
    I consider myself a well rounded adult, my parents did not read me a single book yet I am an avid reader, nor did they play with me once! I had a great imagination and enjoyed playing without adult supervision!

    While studying for my teaching degree we had a great debate about the need for children to have unsupervised play and how it is important in their development, but it seems to be very rare for chldren these days!

    The best thing you can do for your child is to be happy and enjoy your life! You are a great mother, and I will miss your blog if you stop altogether!



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