Friday 20 July 2012

The end of an era

 Today is the last day I will have a child in pre-school.  A sign that our family is growing up.  Sophie went laden with gifts of homemade fudge in sweet little boxes for heer teachers, very excited to give them out too.
 Ethan will miss his teacher, Miss Rose.  She has really "got" Ethan, and has even seen his cheeky side, which is a sure sign he is comfortable around her.  I made a needle felted brooch for her, styled on a rose, which I felt was appropriate for Miss Rose.
 Luke has his last day at middle school today.  He too went laden with gifts for the teachers that have given him inspiration and support. He seems to be taking the whole move to high school in his stride, and is looking forward to the adventure ahead.
Alec hasn't taken any presents in, as he will be having the same tutor throughout his time at middle school.  That isn't to say things won't be changing for him.  His best friend is moving to a different school, and I know Alec will miss him alot.  Fortunately though, he only lives around the corner, so hopefully they will still be able to see alot of each other. 

We are all looking forward to the summer break, with little adventures planned, and the opportunity to work to our own timetable (ie not racing round like headless chickens first thing in the morning!!)  Hope you all have an enjoyable Summer break too, and look forward to the adventures ahead.


  1. Similarly looking forward to having dd home, I don't mind the morning stuff but then again I only have 1 and myself to get ready! But it will be nice to not set alarm clocks and go with the flow. Sunshine days are ahead too!

    Hope everyone enjoys the break, hope to see you Sunday x
    Dawn x

  2. Lovely gifts, I bet the teachers loved them!
    Enjoy the Summer holidays

  3. Wow, your teacher's gifts are amazing and so generous of you! Have fun with all your littlies home on vacation! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. It's amazing how fast they seem to grow! Have a lovely summer :-) What beautiful gifts from a very talented lady :-)

  5. Lovely gifts Claire, sounds like all change for your little guys in the next year. I'm enjoying the lazy morning already, so great not to have to rush first thing, so much calmer. Henry's moving to the village school next year, which is a 10 minute walk, rather than 15 minute drive, happy days :) Enjoy the summer! xxx

  6. Wow, what beautiful presents! We had to buy gifts in a mad rush this year and you've inspired me to make sure that level of stress doesn't happen here again :-)

    I love your sunny days photos too, hope you have another lovely week!

    Claire xxx


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