Monday 2 July 2012

Fun on the farm

 We decided to make the most of a spare afternoon and dry weather, and headed off to a nearby children's farm.  The boys have been there many times in the past, but I think the last time Sophie was there was for her 2nd birthday, so for her it was as if it were the first time. Sophie has really overcome her fear of animals, and was feeding the goats, and milking a Nanny goat.
 Some strawbale clambering and antics were to be had.
 We held various small animals.  This was Alec's favourite bit.  He was rather smitten with this rat, and declared himself like Ron Weasley! 
 Alec and Sophie truly loved the small animal petting,
 and Sophie was so gentle with this little chick.  She held it for ages, and was talking to it very gently.
 Even Luke got in on the act.
 When looking through the pictures this just made me laugh out loud!  I think it is fair to say they enjoyed themselves!
 Pony rides for the smallest three.

 And whilst they were doing that, Luke was making friends with some month old cows.
 We managed to fit in so much in the afternoon, not only was there pony grooming, but some playing in the play barn and playground, seeing the pigs, having our lunch, feeding some lambs their hay, and just general family time, so lovely, and just what we all needed.
 To top it off, I noticed some Jacobs fleeces in the barn, and asked what they did with the fleeces.  The guy said that seeing as he would get about 70p per kilo for them from the wool board, I could have all 10kg for free!  I've got to go to pick it up later this week.  Not quite sure how much 10kgs of fleece is going to look like, but it should certainly keep me busy!!


  1. Ah now I know where the 10kg of Jacobs is coming from! Enjoy ...

    Looks like a great day out too x

  2. Wow, looks like a wonderful day of communing with animals and then to get a gift of the fleece too.. awesome! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You are all going to be wearing Jacob Jumpers! How fantastically thrifty. What a trip. The Fleece Gods were shining on you. :) I so love your brood...they are all gorgeous. I loved all of the photographs but Luke and the cows and Sophie and the chick really made me smile. xxx


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