Friday 27 July 2012

A week of sun and fun

 How wonderful to have had a week of sun, and even better that it should coincide with the first week of the summer holidays.  I've been able to get out in the garden, and just look at Sophie, holding a snail!  The little girl who was afraid of all things small and crawly.  She even converted some older girls (they turned up when Sophie was holding a worm in her hand, and their first reaction was to squeal.  But when they realised they were being shown up by a three year old, they too wanted to join in, and so began an hour long bug hunt, with Sophie declaring "let me show you about nature!"

One of the yearly traditions now is to make dens when I 've given the garden it's yearly trim.  So this years den incorporated the slide as structure!
 And there was a little pretend campfire too!  No, Alec is not trying to sit on the rhubarb, he's crouching by the fire!
 Then, after the novelty of the den wore off (the following day) the boys were complaining they were bored (along with next doors boys)  I gave them some wool, and scissors and said "see what you can make with that".  I had visions of them binding twigs together to make different things, but zipwires for action men seemed far more exciting, and it kept them entertained the whole day!

 And by the end of the day the garden looked like it had been attacked by a giant spider!  They were also using the wool to make an assault course!
 As for me, it would have been lovely if it had been all sat in the sun carding and spinning, in reality this picture was about 5 minutes worth of my week.  I have been doing some heavy duty gardening, some SERIOUS cleaning and tidying of the house (not before time too) and re-roofing the playhouse, as it was missing part of the felt since the winter, and this was the first dry opportunity to get it done!
Definitely taking things a bit easier today, and mightt fit in a bit more of the carding and spinning.


  1. Your garden looks like ours! Mine like to make dens too, they were having a go at weaving a panel for one side of their den yesterday, out of old bamboo canes, very inventive I thought!Then they dragged loads of old plastic bags over to make the roof. It does look somewhat of a mess today, but hey, they're happy! Isn't it nice just to watch them outside playing the games we used to play, and just enjoying the sun. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Ooh you have a lovely sized garden, lucky you! We have spent a lot of time in our garden, ok - yard, this week too. But our time was spent demolishing rotted sheds, measuring up for a new one, moving the childrens shed, and, best of all for the boys, watching John and friend cut down and demolish part of the wall to fit wider gates. What more could little boys want?
    Hope you get more fun in the sun, and time to yourself too for the important sheepy stuff :)

  3. It looks like you've all had lots of outdoor fun this week. We've been having a nice run of good weather, too. Thank goodness! Enjoy your summer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Crikey, it looks like you have had a full on week! I love the idea of the zip-wire for action men and the assualt course that the kids came up with. I hope next week is a bit more relaxing for you x x

  5. Excellent...I remember my brother making Zip wires for action men! Looks like a great down five to go! xxx

  6. love the action man zip wire. how creative and such imaginative thinking!


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