Monday 23 July 2012

A very woolly day out

 Do you remember the 6 inch rings that we had to create something woolly with for the Guild Exhibition?  Well, yesterday was our trip down to the exhibition at the Weald and Down Museum in Hampshire.  We went by coach shared with a few other guilds from the midlands.  I do apologise in advance for  the onslaught of pictures that follows, it was very difficult to choose which pictures to show, as there was so many wonderful exhibits.  The rings themselves were exhibited on a three sided display.  So many different ones all from the same ring, amazing!  There were a few that really stood out to me.

 I had fun spotting the rings created by friends.  Here's Dawn's (who I happened to bump into at the same spot, lovely to meet you Dawn, hope your voice is on the mend)
 Lucy's from InTheSky.
 and Lucy's mum's that I had seen Lucy blog about.
 And then there was mine.  I was, if I am honest, a bit disappointed with how the 3-D ones were displayed.  They were too high, and even holding my camera above my head, you could not see the robin sat on it's nest. 
 Not only were there the 6 inch rings, but also lots of entrants in the exhibition for various categories.  So many gorgeous things.  I dread to think how many years worth of work was represented in the hall.  This coat was amazing, all handspun, and the pattern created by the person herself.
 Such delicate weaving in this mandarin styled top.  Three layers of weaving in one.
 Sculptural art, inspired by a forest.
 Wall hangings using natural dyes, and appliqued plants of which dye used for each panel.
 A most beautiful cloak
 The texture on this woven wall hanging/floor covering (not sure I'd want to put it on the floor!) was just stunning.

This woven scarf was so fine, and so silky soft.  I loved the zig zag effect woven into the scarf.

 The beautiful exhibits,  were both inspiring, but also a little disheartening, thinking I could never produce such beautiful things and place them under the critical eye of the judges and the public.  But I certainly left in awe of the people who had created such things.

After the exhibit, was the rare breeds show.  There were stunning rams.
The cutest baby alpaca (cria)
 A Leicestershire Longwool.  Oh, how I felt for this sheep.  She had won her class, and was in the final for best in show.  I was admiring her stunning locks, but very relieved that she was going to be shorn the next day, as it was very hot!
 There were some amazing tudor buildings which we just about had time to have a quick look around.
 It was a fantastic day.  My first day out by myself without children or husband for about 8 years (I think), and I missed them all terribly, but I was able to indulge my love for all things woolly!  9 hours sat on a coach meant I was able to tackle some knitting that I would never have been able to do with the constant interruption from children.
 I simply couldn't resist this wonderful blend of merino, silk and black bamboo for £5/100g.  Ethan has already asked me to make him something to cuddle with it as it is so amazingly soft and squishy!
And my bent coat hanger of a niddy noddy is able to retire now, as I have treated myself to a proper wooden one, where I can do proper skeins.

I must admit to being very glad to be home though, as I really missed everyone, and what a surprise I had!  Stuart has been working so hard all day, and tackled many areas of the house that had been neglected.  Now I have to try not to undo all that hard work!!


  1. Lovely to see you there too - voice is coming a little now. I did think it was funny that we met right at the point where both our rings were, maybe a little karma.

    It was an inspiring and hot day. We had a great time around the animals and seeing the prize fleeces just about before the stewards were packing up.
    I did feel for the longwool sheep, the sudden hot spell of weather was probably a bit if a shock for them, shade and water helped a few but yes they need their coat to be sheared now.

    The standards were very high, but don't let it put you off that one day you could exhibit too. I would love to one day too, but will stick with our local guild exhibitions first.

    Some lovely gifts for yourself there, I managed to resist ... even the gorgeous fleeces.

    Haven't even looked at my photos, maybe later and hopefully pop something on the blog.

  2. How exciting! Look at all those gorgeous projects. :)

  3. Thank you for showing us all the photos of your wooly adventure! I loved the horns on that sheep! Nice niddy noddy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That looks like a wonderful day out to me! I love the photo''s amazing what some people can produce! I used to live near the Weald and Downland museum and went there often, wish I was still living near it so I could go and see the exhibition x x

  5. I have been meaning to search for this post for ages! I missed a treat didn't I. I feel so happy you found my ring and my Mom's ring lol. I felt sorry I was not able to visit my ring in situ! It would have been a very long day for someone as prone to travel sickness as myself. Maybe next year eh? xxx

    1. I think you made a wise decision Lucy, it was a VERY long journey. But if it's closer to home next time, you HAVE to go, it is very inspirational.


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