Wednesday 11 July 2012

Anyone for milk?

 The beginning of the week, after I yet again forgot to tell the milkman we didn't need any more milk delivered, and after I had shoe-horned what I could into the freezer for use at a later date (will be good for when we going camping) I still had 19 pints of milk!  (photo taken a day later, so slightly less milk by then!)  We usually have 9 pints of milk delivered every two days.  Any less than this and we run out, but this amount just slowly accumulates until we have a milk overload!  So, after a plea on facebook for ideas as to what to do with all the milk, and after Stuart mentioning the other day he fancied some rice pudding, the first thing to be made was 1.5 litres of rice pudding in the slow cooker.  What a shame that most of the children don't like it, all the more for Stuart and I! 
 Another thing mentioned by a friend was "banoffee toffee".  Now I've only ever made banoffee pie in the past with tinned evaporated (or is it condensed, I can never remember!) milk.  But this banoffee toffee, otherwise known as Dulce de Leche is amazing!  I used this recipe (although I halved the recipe), and it took a while longer than the hour they suggested!  It actually took the exact time it takes for Sophie to watch Toy Story 3, which is very convenient to say the least!
 It was a little runnier than usual, but gorgeous non the less!
I had also planned on making paneer, but between all this cooking, plus the usual consumption of milk, and me remembering to stop the milk for the next delivery, we have in effect run out of spare milk! 

I'll save the paneer for the next time I forget to cancel the milk!


  1. Mmmmm your rice pudding looks yummy - I can't believe your kids aren't keen on it! I quite fancy having a go at making my own paneer too x x x

  2. Your overload of milk reminds me of when we raised Nubian dairy goats for our family and would have loads and loads of it in the fridge. Then I'd make ice cream for the kids. Have fun on your holiday! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Too funny! What is wrong with kids today? My two do not like rice pudding either! You could have made yogurt or cream cheese or both...cheese sauces etc...or I believe it was Cleopatra that bathed in it! xxx


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