Tuesday 26 July 2011

What a week!!

 Taking photos of us in our Grandma jumpers to go in the coffin for Jean's funeral.  Sad, sad times, but family supported each other fantastically, and my brother came down to look after the children, which was a huge weight off my mind.  Family and friends came from all over the country to pay their final respects to her,and many good times were remembered. We visited a local woodland burial place, and I think we are all but decided that this should be the final resting place for her ashes, so peaceful, and full of wildlife, she would have loved it.

And as life has a habit of doing, it carries on, whether we want it to or not.  I have been kept busy with accomodating visitors and ensuring everyone has some food.  Such wonderful business, lovely to see so much family again, I just wish the circumstances were happier.

Lego rock band kept young and old alike entertained, and Ethan drew a lovely picture of it all.
 Stuart found some printouts to make model buildings, so many buldings were made, and no doubt more will be when more ink cartridges arrive!

 Alec and Ethan came racing in very excited the other evening, and insisted I went to watch them.  They had sussed out how to do front flips on the trampoline!

 Luke is definitely in model making mode.  Take a guess what this ruin started out as... go on, bet you can't guess!
 An Abel and Cole box of course!  Sophie saw it and said "oh no, castle broken, dragon blow down castle...huff...puff!"
 And then just to curb any thoughts of a physical summer holidays, Alec managed to take a knock to his little finger on Sunday night, whilst playing football.  By Monday morning it was very swollen and bruised, so a trip to A&E confirmed he had a chipped bone in his little finger.  He now has to wear this for a week, and to take things easy for a further 3 weeks.  He's gutted!!
I too have had to undergo a minor op to remove a mole.  There are at least 20 stitches on the wound!  Which makes me feel squeamish each time I think about it!

I do count my blessings, all that we have been through recently could have been worse, but you know, I would like it very much if things bad things could stop happening now, and let us get back on our feet.


  1. I hope the next few weeks are kind to you. Family members passings are a very sad time, and often the depth of emotions we feel takes us by surprise. I am sure life will become more positive again soon, there is so much to look forward to. And the woodland sounds a beautiful place for a final resting place. Sending you lots of love, Liz x

  2. Hugs to you all again...emotional times.


  3. You're having a rough time as a family, but your blog post shows a very united and loving family throughout all these upsets. Those bandaged fingers look very sore, problems with fingers are always so painful, so I hope they heal quickly and don't spoil the Summer Holidays.

    The Grandma jumpers remind me of all the knitted things my lovely Nanna made. I think my mother chucked most of them over the years, which I'm sad about, but I managed to hang on to the last thing she knitted me and it always gives me comfort when I'm feeling low or poorly. It's a lovely way to remember somebody.

    Love to you all, be gentle on yourselves. xxxxxxx


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