Tuesday 19 July 2011


 We have felt very much in limbo this last week.  Preparing for Jean's funeral, not really knowing what the future holds for us, but at the same time trying to keep things as normal as possible for the children.  The children had a few days off from school, and went back at varying times last week, as and when they felt able.  One of the days off we got the air drying clay out.  They have made some sculptures to give to their
teachers, and I have been experimenting with an idea for Aisling Designs, my experiment is the next picture.
 I had about a week where the thoughts of doing any crafting just seemed so wrong, and the bunting that I had started just lay there neglcted.  It is coming together now, my crafting has returned for now, here is a glimpse of the order for Sarah.
 What brought the crafting mojo back?  My father in law giving me all of Jean's wool.  I had told myself I would not get any more wool, as I really should be spinning it myself, but I felt so honoured to have Jean's wool.  I then thought it would be lovely to make something for my Father in Law with this wool.  So I have embarked on a mammoth project of a granny stripe blanket.  I'm hoping it will offer him some comfort, as well as being my personal memorial to her.
As for Stuart, he has been looking after his Dad in such a wonderful, caring way.  Staying with him, ensuring everything is dealt with, reminiscing til the early hours of the morning.  Being a wonderful legacy to his Mum.

In other news, Gimli has been making himself very much at home, with plenty of adventures (yes, that's my cello case is sat on top of!) and finding comfort in the many forms, especially a big bag of alpaca fleece!
I know this new normal will be turned upside down again by Friday, which is when Jean's funeral is. I cannot think beyond that at the moment, but have a feeling that flexibility and the here and now is what will be most important.

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