Thursday 28 July 2011


 A quiet day for me yesterday letting my shoulder start to heal.  Alec's finger seems to be loads better already, they do bounce back quick don't they, children! So he was playing with his friends all day, both in the house, outside, and eventually at their friends house.

I made up a mix of rosemary, lavender, lemon balm and chammomile to put into some sleep pillows I have made for members of the family that have had trouble sleeping recently.  The idea being that you slip the sleep pillow between the pillow and pillow case, and the smell slowly aids sleep. Can't really see the embroidery particularly well on the following picture but they each have a little message on them such as "night night" or "sweet dreams".  There's enough of the herbs to make up a few more too, so some might make it into the shop.
 My peg bag broke, so in a few minutes I was able to make a new one with a scrap of material I got from freecycle a while back.
 And here is the start of the granny stripe blanket for Stan, my Father in Law.  Using Jean's wool, it will hopefully be enough to make a double bed sized blanket. 399 stitches for the length, and for the width?  Well, I'll just keep going until I run out of wool!
 Luke decided to make another castle from another Abel and Cole box.  He spent a good couple of hours sat in the front garden with a mix of PVA glue and sand, covering his model!


  1. Hi claire, just testing whether I can leave you a comment, it doesn't seem to want to let me at the mo! Rxxx

  2. ......right what I was trying to say (when I cvouldn't get comments to work!) is that those sleep pillows look great! Hope you're slowly feeling better, much love Rxxx


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