Sunday 24 July 2011

New title

This last couple of weeks has brought home to me that we are not a family of 6. Family is so much more than our nuclear family, the influences upon us are from many sources, and they all make up part of our lives. The responsibilities we have are not limited to the six of us either, neither is the love.

The name change therefore reflects this feeling. A space to document our lives in all their fullness and complexities, as well as some of the nice stuff and fun we get up to!


  1. That just seems right. Sending love and healing. xx

  2. The new title is just beautiful.

    San x

  3. Great new name, I love it. I hope the sun is shining there for you today, it was glorious here yesterday, just how summer should be! Hope you have a lovely week, and you are enjoying the holidays, Liz x


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