Sunday 10 July 2011

Aisling Designs

Just in case you hadn't noticed the little tag at the side of my blog.  I have now opened a Misi shop, and will hopefully be filling it with all kinds of lovely goodies over the next few weeks.  It all stemmed from our holiday to Cornwall, seeing all those things that were handmade being sold and it gave me the confidence to think that I could do it too.  So as a step towards my dreams, I have started this shop, with the idea being that it will all contribute to "dream" funds!  Aisling, in case you didn't know, is an Irish name meaning "dreamer".

Some bunting that I completed recently for a custom order. I am now working on another.

 I was rather pleased with the effect of the contrast stitching.

 Some little things in there too, a bobble and two matching grips.  Planning on making similar things with butterflies and flowers too.

I have another idea too, I will make a prototype which will end up as Alec's birthday present, but hopefully will have some in the shop soon after.  A bag to put all those precious lego characters in.  Can't work out whether crocheted or sewn yet, we'll have to wait and see.


  1. Looking lovely, good to see you getting orders. Will be keeping an eye out in your shop ;-)
    Have been thinking of other things to do myself and actually spend some time making things.

  2. Oh best wishes for this - so good that you are getting custom orders too. xx

  3. Ooh, good luck. And of course enjoy!
    Would love to do something similar but my makes keep getting snapped up by the girls........


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