Thursday 11 August 2011

Indescision and a birthday

I tried to impose a month long ban on myself from using the computer, which lasted all of about 4 days!  My will power is shocking!!  I enjoyed having some time just to read and craft, but the need to interact with people is obviously rather strong, and with children who are thoroughly enjoying being at home and not wanting to go out anywhere, I figure the computer does serve a purpose.  The reason for my ban was to give myself some headspace, lots of things going on that I didn't want to be part of, and lots of things happening at home that I did want to be part of!  The few days that I was away did do me some good, perhaps I was being a bit harsh on myself to deny something I enjoy for a whole month, but I do need to look at how the computer seems to creep into my life all too insidiously, and before I know it, it has taken over!!

We had the second birthday of August on Monday.  (We have four birthdays in total in 5 weeks starting from the beginning of August!)  I like to play down this one, a sign I am getting older!  Had some lovely books by Thich Naht Han, and some circular wooden knitting needles, and some bamboo straight needles.  So all I need now is a month or so to secrete myself away and read and knit to my hearts content!!

For a few years now I have wanted to visit Kinver Edge, so the trip out for my birthday was to see the rock houses there. Unfortunately the rock houses weren't open to the public on the Monday, but we were able to see them from outside, and the boys were once again talking about hobbit holes!!  Apparently 11 families lived here, and the last one moved out in 1967.  The National Trust have restored them, how wonderful to have been able to live in one of these.

 There was plenty of moorland and woodland to explore too.

A lovely birthday topped off with a trip to the Harvester restaurant, not as relaxing as it might have been with Sophie in tow, as she was not in the slightest bit interested in sitting down to eat (until it came to ice cream sundaes!)

I have been umming and ahhing about the allotment too.  Whether I can realistically keep it going.  The children don't like going down there, and my first visit was the other week for well over a month, what with all the coming and goings we've had happening.  Is it realistic to be able to run a household with four children in it and keep an allotment?  Each year I vow that this year will be different, I will dedicate more time to it, but every year, life seems to get in the way.  Whether it be illness, weather, or stubborn children, I never seem to manage more than a trip a week, if that.  This season will not be our best, I know that, but I will wait and see how much I can do in the lull period once Sophie has started pre-school.  Hopefully then I can really get my teeth stuck into it, but if it doesn't work out, perhaps I will have to admit defeat.  A shame when I really do enjoy it, but I suppose only time will tell.

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  1. Belated Happy birthday wishes xxx Lovely gifts to celebrate too.
    Hope you can find a balance with life and the pc, complete banning can often make something more desirable - maybe limiting to short bursts throughout the day would work better for you.

    Kinver Edge, now that brings back memories of childhood - ooh I must try and get a visit in there when up at the parents, dd would love it there as I did. Hope you get back there again.

    I know what you mean with the allotment, we often end up distracted from our plan and don't get the most out of it - just fitting it in and I only have one child! There's the old saying in gardening though "there's always next year ..."

    take care xxx


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