Thursday 25 February 2010

Feeling a bit flat

Don't now what it is, probably a combination of alot of things. The children have reluctantly returned to school after half term, each with an ailment of some kind. So there has not been as much stuff to do, other than consoling them, and then mediating between the lot of them as they are so cranky at the moment.

The garden is looking awful with the combination of meltwater, chickens and mud. The grass is pretty non-existant now, and whilst I love the chickens dearly, I wish they weren't so destructive. Some fencing may well be in order once I don't slide down the garden in mud! We also still have our resident rat, who is showing no interest whatsoever in the humane rat trap!

The allotment has been out-of-bounds due to the ground either being frozen, or bog like.

Sophie is completely off her food again, how I wish I had a child that enjoyed food. She will not even attempt to eat anything, spits it out and wants a breastfeed. You would have thought out of four children, I would get one that enjoyed food, perhaps it's my cooking! I see pictures of toddlers with food all around their mouths, obviously enjoying themselves, and then there is my lot, who either eat ridiculously fast, so they can get on with what they were doing; push food around their plate and take hours; or just climb down from the table without attempting to eat anything!

And to top it all off. It is Fairtrade Fortnight at the moment, and I can't be bothered to organise anything, how crap am I!

The only thing I am proud of is I cleaned the fish out! So now they can see out, and we can see in. They look alot happier!

I am in desperate need of spring. PLEASE HURRY UP!


  1. I need spring too. Sending hugs as I know exactly how you feel xxx

  2. Sending hugs too, I have an eater just like that - not interested in food or wants to do something else instead, I find it hard to understand sometimes.
    Spring is very close by now, I'm welcoming it into our home this week as the weather is warming up and so much is starting to grow now ... I'm sure it will be with you soon too.

  3. If it's any consolation, Minnie eats hardly anything that I dish up for her. I am truly fed up of hearing about relatives babies who "eat like a baby bird", it's hard not to take it personally when she just shoves the plate aside and laughs, or worse, sprinkles her drink into it and says she's making "soup". It's so good for the soul to see a toddler tucking into their food isn't it, Minnie's even fussy about cake!!!

    We neeeeeeeeed Spring so much. The garden is a horrible slop of mud, dog poo and bird poo with bricks, planks, plastic toys and dead branches chucked in for good measure, I'm actually embarrassed of it and haven't walked out and admired it for weeks as it's just too depressing.

    All I can say is, don't despair, a bit of sunshine really WILL change everything, it will dry up the garden and fill us with plans for the warm days ahead. Please may it be soon though!

    I love the header picture of your blog, trees are so lovely.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. Both my children are fussy eaters and are driving me up the wall with the non-eating.

    Looking forward to spring as well as we are having snow again!

  5. I hope things have started to improve this week. If Sophie is off her food, it's probably the bug or she's teething again. You know her best. I was curious how long you were going to continue feeding her and how much she is taking out of you. It seems to have been proven again and again that children will eat when they're hungry as long as they don't realise it's a source of power they have over their anxious parents. My daughter was the fussiest eater of my 3 and it seems the youngest of any family will be a fussier eater - I've no idea why, just going on the experience of family and friends. It does seem to be important for all children to be taught about mealtimes and appropriate behaviour from Sophie's age onwards, but I'm sure you're already doing that. I just wondered if you're giving her an easy option by still being available to her, rather than eating what everyone else was eating.


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