Friday 2 October 2009

School Blues

Luke is not happy. He really has not settled in well to school this year. There has been a change in the tutor system so they are in mixed year tutor groups, and Luke has found this rather unsettling, combined with some rather "shouty" teachers, who have struck the fear of god into him, so now when he is confused about something he won't ask, for fear of being shouted at. He doesn't want me to intervene, as it would make him feel "a baby", so we are stuck.

Its heart breaking to see him so sad, and having had a miserable time at school myself at his age, I can empathise so much with him. The best I can do is make homelife as stress free as possible (not easy when organisation really isn't my forte!) so at least he has some nice hours in the day. I had thought of going behind his back to speak with the teachers, but that is just too much of a risk, one that I am not prepared to take, if he ever found out, how could he trust me again?

This parenting lark is tough! I cant wait for half-term to have him happy again.

Fortunately the other two are enjoying school, I must be grateful for that.


  1. Poor kid. It IS tough. I'm not sure what I would do.

    Man, I really dislike 'shouty' teachers. argh.

    Good luck with it. Talking to him and helping process what's happeing there helps. For one thing, to understand why those teachers shout, how not to take it personally or allow it to make you afraid, etc.

  2. Oh poor Luke having to cope with this. I do agree that trust is so important, so it would be better if he was agreeable to you having a word with the teachers. Its not right though that a teacher can put such fear into a child so it may be worth sitting him down and tryng to get him on board with a meeting. Hugs to you and him xxx


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