Monday 1 December 2008

Good days

You know those days when things just fall into place? Today has been one of them. I'm not sure what I have done differently, but there seems to have been time. Plenty of it to go around. Luke was off school with a stinking headache. The parcels of Fairtrade orders arrived, and whilst he made some Christmas cards for his teachers (very nice they are too) I sorted out the orders, and Sophie slept.

I managed to get the washing on the line in the morning (has been unheard of recently!), packaged up the flowers and butterflies for the first consignment for GP mamas on the LETS scheme, got to the post office, picked the boys up, cooked tea, spent time doing homework with them, read bed-time stories, and even managed to squeeze a bit of housework in! All fantastic stuff, which is how it should be every day, and I think what makes today stand out is that this has not been how it has been of late. I like days like today, and whatever it has been that has made today happen, I am very grateful, and look forward to a few more like it.

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