Wednesday 29 October 2008

Too many people, too much stress!

Mum decided to take us out to a local garden centre, as they were doing pumpkin carving there, and she wanted to treat the children. My goodness me, I have never seen so many people at a garden centre, it was heaving! Admittedly it is the gardening world's version of T***o's, but even still, this was ridiculous.

After an hour of queueing we had our carved pumpkins. And the boys were getting hungry, so Mum said she would treat us to lunch. That took another hour (mainly queueing!). By this point Sophie had definitely had enough, and would not be consoled (very unusual for her), so we called it quits. My plans for getting some festive fabric, more wool, some googly eyes for Luke's pom-pom spider, as well as some onion sets and broad bean seeds went completely out of the window. I think I have learned my lesson, and I'll look for these things in independent outlets, where there is no where near as much stress involved! And we are definitely growing pumpkins on the allotment next year, as £4 a pumpkin is a bit steep!

However, one thing that made me laugh was a woman stopped us to ask if Sophie was a little boy (she was in the sling wearing a bright blue jumper), I replied that she was in fact a girl, so this woman then turns to Luke and says "so you must be the big sister!" Poor woman, having to have her assumptions about gender dispelled within 30 seconds!

Another bonus is the boys love their pumkins, and have been carrying them around the house, and using the playnest as a boat for them!

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