Thursday 3 May 2012

Very Woolly Thursday

Ok, so it should be Woolly Wednesday, but I was rather busy yesterday! But despite the delay, this month has seen lots of woolly projects going on, especially with the weather being so awful! So here's my contribution to Spinspiration for this month.

Remember me wondering how to dye a green with woad and weld?  Well, I eventually gave up on trying to get my head around it, and as time was of the essence, I got the colour below with some...
...Kool-Aid!!  How anyone would ever actually drink this stuff is beyond me, it is just full of chemicals, but it does make a wonderful dye stuff, and I will save the woad and weld for some future projects.
 My first attempt at dyeing my own wool, it was rather nerve wracking putting my wool into this, and then heating it!  But it was also very intriguing!

It seemed like magic, when the time was up and the wool was dyed and the water was fairly clear.  I was amazed at how vivid the colour was, and all from a dubious drink!!
 So the leaves have been crocheted, and sewn onto the framework of wire and wool that I created.  Robin is sitting patiently on her eggs, and all I have to do is sew a few more leaves on, and I reckon a few crocheted flowers would look rather sweet too.

It's really difficult to get a good picture ofit all, as the angles are a bit strange.  But you can just see the eggs that mama bird is sitting on. Sophie is adamant that they are going to hatch into little birds.  It would be wonderful if my needle felting skills were up to creating a little baby robin, just so I could give Sophie the satisfaction of them hatching, but I really think that might be a step too far!!
 Other wooll-i-ness has been going on with my commissioned bag.  A friend saw the bag I made for the guild competition, and asked me to make her one.  This is as far as I have got, as the wool I had spun was spun much finer, and I've had to double up the yarn.  I am now waiting for the weather to give me a break long enough to wash some more zwartble/suffolk fleece that Dawn kindly sent me.  I reckon a nice bright pink floral lining would finish it off perfectly, along with a nice silver button for the closing, but I have yet to source those.
 In the meantime I am really rather chuffed with my stitch markers.  I've never had stitch markers, and as a result my knitting has possibly had extra stitches or rows in some places, and perhaps be missing some in other places.  So these are going to be put to good use.  A wonderful shop on Etsy supplied me with them.  I thought little Buddha's were perfect, as I do see knitting as a form of meditation and seeing the whole process from the farmer and the fields, to the sheep and the shearer, all the way through to the spinner and knitter. 
Off to see what other projects have been worked on by other Spinspiration members.  And for all you spinners out there, why not come and join us?


  1. Lovely Robin and leaves, can't wait to see it in real life too!

    Love your stitch markers too, and agree with knitting and spinning really being meditation. The bag is looking lovely.

    More dyeing in the future then? Koolaid is fun for dyeing, can't believe people drink the stuff though!

  2. Wow. You have been busy! Live the Robin! :) xx

  3. Great dying tutorial! I was intrigued by the stitch markers - those are French wires for earrings.. and I have some! I'm going to make me some stitch markers!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. They are perfect for crochet, as you can hook them onto the stitch. But work well with knitting too, just resting on the needles. Best of both worlds ;)

  5. This is a great post Claire, really interesting and some fun yarny goings on. Your Robin is a stunner and the bag is coming along brilliantly too. I need to find my Mojo!

  6. Claire, thanks for the intro to Spinspiration! I think I just joined the site. My youngest daughter used a blue Kool-aid to dye some wool she has been using to make a rug. It really is an effective dye, but I agree with all of you who wonder why anyone dares to drink it(: The robin,nest,eggs,leaves are lovely...a baby robin hatching would be sweet.

  7. Ooh your yarn is a lovely shade of green! I have just started tinkering about with growing dye plants on a new allotment, and am looking forward to dyeing my own yarn.
    I love the stitch markers! x x

  8. Lots of interesting creative projects going on, Claire! It has taken me forever to get around to Woolly Wednesday this month. I love your handspun that you are using for the bag you are knitting. Really lovely! It is great fun dyeing with koolaid. Such fun results. Love your vibrant green.


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