Monday 14 May 2012

Redressing the balance

 Looking through my recent posts one would could easily be mistaken in thinking this was solely a blog about crafting.  The children have been very quiet (well on the blog anyway!)  I can assure you this is not a true representation of life!!  There has been the rediscovering of old toys, even moreso now we have been having a bit of a clearout, they are actually playing with the toys that are due to be found new homes!!

Mum made a whole load of playdough to illustrate something at church in a service she was involved in.  Guess who got the cake tin full of playdough?  Sophie!!  I can't quite remember what had been created here, but it all had a meaning of somekind or other.
 Alec and Ethan took part in a karate tournament.  It was great to see what they had learned, even if it was a bit strange watching them sparring with their opponents.  Alec was just a little too big for the small group, so was against children that were sometimes quite a bit bigger than he was.  He did everso well and gave it his all.  He got a third place medal for the Kata he did.  Ethan was very pleased with a second place trophy and third place medal for his sparring.  They are really loving their Karate, and am glad that they kind  of stumbled into it, as it is probably something I would not have thought about for them.
 Sophie has been doing all kinds of things.  Here we were sorting some sea shells she found squirreled away from a long ago beach trip.
 She has been painting.  She definitely has her own style, and I love he choices of colours. 
 And in a rare dry spell last week (I say dry, it was spitting, but about as dry as it was going to get) we headed to the park.  Sophie was rather disappointed there were no other children there, but I guess everyone else thought it would be too wet or something like that!  Here she is being a pirate (one of her favourite games at the moment)
 And of course, what else do you do with standing water if your name is Sophie?!
So they are around.  Luke and Alec both have tests this week (SATS for Alec and some tests to determine sets for High School next year for Luke) Luke has been fighting off some virus which has left him with awful headaches, stomach ache, and generally feeling bleurgh.  He had us  worried over the weekend though as the symptoms he was showing were similar to meningitis except there was no rash.  A trip to the out of hours doctor allayed our fears, and Luke certainly started to feel better that day.  But it looks like it is going to be one of those things that lingers for a while.  Just what you need when doing tests :( 

And news on the weight loss front, I've lost 6 1/2 lbs in two weeks, so feeling rather pleased at that.

Ok, up to date now!!


  1. Well done you thats fantastic. I hope Luke feels better soon. Its been lovely and sunny here today so I've been painting in the garden absolute bliss.

  2. Poor old Luke, Henry has something nasty too, off school today and up to the doctors, he will be off school tomorrow too. He has his first GCSE exams Thursday and Friday, so we really need him to be well. There are some orrible things going around. When the kids are happy we are happy. Yours are great, even the 'Messy One'! :) xxx

  3. Hope Henry is on the mend quickly. I think stress can make you susceptible to all kinds of stuff, and even the coolest kids must get stressed about GCSE's. Wishing him the best of luck.

    Heehee, that could be a good name for her ;)

  4. Your children are such lovely little characters! :) Wishing Luke a speedy recovery. xx

  5. Aye hope Luke is feeling better, and both kids sail through their tests :D

  6. Good job on the weight loss.. my diet has totally stalled out. Looks like everyone is having fun in your photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. What fantastic news about your weight loss, you must be so proud at what you have achieved!

  8. Lovely to hear all your news. Hope LUke is feeling better by now x


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