Monday 28 May 2012

The season so far

 I've been working really hard down the allotment these last few weeks, and I am beginning to feel rather proud of myself.  There is still alot of wild areas, but there is definite progress being made.  The top plot is pretty much cleared and planted up.  The bottom plot is getting clearer!  And see that grass path?  Well following the demise of the push lawnmower at the end of last season, I am having to cut it with hedge clippers!!  Took about an hour to all the paths and the edges the other day in scorching heat.  I knew I'd worked hard that day!!

This water butt has been sat at home for the last year, after I picked it up on freecycle.  It is nearly as tall as I am, and will hold alot of water.  When my nephew stayed with us the other week, I commandeered him to help me get it down the allotment.  It was one of those jobs that never got done, as it took up the whole car, but needed two people to manhandle it.  But if Stuart helped me who would have the children?  So eventually it has been given a new home, and I hope it will help to store that bit more water (if it ever rains again!!)
 This, strange contraption is an idea I picked up from Pinterest.  Using an old clothes airer I have made a kind of lean to for the cucmber plants to grow up, and then have sown lettuce seeds in the shade beneath.  I have added the membrane for now, as cats are using that area as a litter tray *sigh*
 The raspberry canes that just grow where they please are holding alot of promise.
 Our bean wigwam is ready to go.
 And look at this shameful picture.  All that purple sprouting that has gone to seed.  What a waste.  I am determined not to let that happen next year.  We got to the point this year where we could not harvest it quick enough. But this year things are going to be different.  I can feel it in my bones!!


  1. Lovely Claire, I still need my guided tour at some point! After half term maybe we can have a well deserved rest and a cuppa down the lottie! :) x

  2. Hi Claire, wow, you are doing well on your garden! It will be fun to see your produce from all the growing things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Well, I can say one thing about the gone-to-seed broccoli - you're more organised than me, because mine never even got planted and I'm now at the point of having to dig up a lot of grass from that part of my vegetable bed!!

  4. It looks like great progress to me, Claire! We mowed over our garden plot of two years and are testing a spot we hope will get more sun and be easier to water. We set out four wooden tubs...3 with tomatoes and one with some herbs. Now if the sun would shine...(:

  5. I lOVE the idea of your cucumber trainer and am going to have to nick the idea for my own crops! You have been busy on your plot, and it really does show - well done you x x x


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