Tuesday 8 May 2012

A lovely little accident

 I decided I wanted to knit a cover for a notebook.  And as I like moss stitch so much, and was inspired by this cushion cover I made a start.  Unfortunately I hadn't accounted for the amount of give in the knitting, and I soon realised that my idea was not going to work, as the cover would end up too baggy.  However, I had this knitting that I was really falling in love with, and it would have been a real tragdy to have to rip it all back.  Then another idea came to me, and I carried on knitting.  Another of those projects that kind of grows organically, not knowing the final result until you have reached what feels like the end.  So, here we are, a little pouch style shoulder bag.  A little hippy in style with all that fringe.

I love how through weaving the ends in on the flap, it has given a slightly different texture to the underside of the flap.  And finished off with a little bead from my collection to fasten it with.

If I hadn't told myself I was making this to sell, I would have kept it, as I really do love it so.  It's also a great little project to use up those left over yarn scraps.

It is now for sale in my etsy shop.


  1. I love this........the best makes for me are always the ones that evolve with no set idea in mind at the start........beautiful x

  2. That turned out really neat.. bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Crikey, that turned out really well! Well done you! Will you now be creating more of them?

    1. I would like to, it all depends if this one sells though. Don't know if there is much of a demand for frilly knitted bags!!

  4. Lovely colours. I love the things you make, I must show your blog to my daughters.


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