Sunday 12 June 2011

Keeping busy

 Keeping busy has been the order of the week, and to that effect, there are not many photos!  I have just finished my first attempt at a sock monkey, in readiness for a friends little boys birthday tomorrow.  And as ever, I now have orders for 3 more, for the boys in this family!!
A trip to the farm shop resulted in the usual hefty food bill, topped off with a whole alpaca fleece!!  I enquired the last time I was there, and in the meantime they have been shorn, and I am the lucky owner of this fluffiness, that is so soft you can barely touch it.  Unfortunately I've been too busy to get as far as processing it!

Much time has been spent down the allotment, planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting.  At last, most of the seedlings are in the ground, and things are looking ok (as long as you ignore the big wild patch in the middle!!).  I am hoping that the day of rain we are experiencing today will go some way to repleneshing the water butts.  We are possibly facing a hosepipe ban, and whilst I don't use the tap water at the allotment, it is a useful back up if the waterbutts do run dry, but it would be a long trek with a watering can to the tap and back each time!! 

Sophie is in her element down there.  I am managing a good couple of hours now before she gets fed up, but of course it is made better with the distraction of strawberries and raspberries!!

I also have been tending our garden here, which is seriously neglected at the moment.  Trying  to introduce splashes of colour into the farm yard (sorry, I mean back garden!)

I have also come up with an idea for something to sell.  I am working on the prototype this next week, so will hopefully do a big reveal next weekend.

That's all for now.  Planning another busy week next week, but I will try to remember to take more photos!!

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