Monday 13 June 2011

The Guild Competition

Do you remember this wool? I had earmarked it to make myself a cable bag, but then at last months Guild meeting they announced they were going to run a competition to make a bag which had to be using at least one of the processes within their name ie Spinning, Weaving or Dyeing.  I could have continued with my idea for a cable bag, but as the meeting was a show and tell meeting, I had taken this skein along, and lots of people seemed to comment that it would be good for felting.  So this then got me thinking, and after a bit of browsing on ravelry I have found a lovely pattern for a felted satchel.

I have a year to get this done.  It will be a great experiment, and steep learning curve I feel, seeing whether I have enough yarn etc!  I suppose the good thing with bags, is it really doesn't matter how big they are.  The competition will be a bit of fun for me, there is no way I could compete with the talented women there, some who have been spinning etc longer than I have been drawing breath!  I will post progress as and when it happens!

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  1. Fabulous idea. Don't be put off by the more experienced ones, I too am way off some of the talented ladies at our Guild. Guild challenges are about having a go and sharing experiences. Our Guild challenge this year is to make a cushion using Spinning, Weaving or Dyeing - to make the seats more comfortable at the meetings! Really must start mine - it's for Novembers meeting.

    Look forward to seeing what you create, you can always use some other spun wool - two-tone bag?
    Have fun x


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