Thursday 9 June 2011

Dreams and inspiration

I came back from Cornwall full of inspiration, having spent time surrounded by such loveliness, as well as seeing many crafted goods for sale, along with lots of examples of renewable energy scattered around the place, I was so excited about getting home and getting started on a few changes. So, whilst nothing has changed yet, life seems to have a good way of slowing you down, I am planning on creating a few items to see if they will sell, as well as trying to make our home a more beautiful place. We have started talking about the possibility of solar panels, and most exciting of all we have a beautiful joint dream which involves land, wood, stream, sustainability, self-sufficiency and a hobbit hole!

Watch this space!


  1. Watching and dreaming with you. xxx

  2. What a lovely dream. I often dream of similar things, I would love to have a stream at the bottom of a wooded area, and I love the idea of generating our own power, oh and I have designed my own hobbit style house, with big wooden circular doors a hundred times! I would love to visit Cornwall one day, it looks lovely, and your pictures are amazing! You must all be feeling wonderfully well rested!

  3. Nothing like a good holiday to inspire. Sounds like you have some wonderful dreams to fulful!


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