Thursday 26 August 2010

A very piggy birthday

For a little girl, who I still can't believe is 2 already! She has had a love of pigs, ever since the farm shop started rearing pigs. She was taken down to see them by one of the lovely farmshop ladies to feed them some carrots, and then that's all she would talk/ sign about!

So what better place to visit on her birthday than the local childrens farm. We had a ride on a tractor... Saw some 2 week old piglets (I always feel slightly sorry for the sows, as piglets are so fierce in their feeding, a bit like a little 2 year old I know!)

I fell in love with some week old chicks, and was tempted to bring one home in my pocket!!
Alec spent alot of time chatting with the goats, and was rather sad to learn that the male goats will have to be sold, possibly for meat.
We spent a long time handling rabbits, chicks, and guinea pigs. Alec having one of each at the same time at one point!
Sophie was intrigued, but not happy to hold one, despite pointing at her hand alot, suggesting she wanted to hold one.

Stuart fell in love with the rabbits, and Alec declared it was the best day ever, as he loved all the animals, especially handling them.
And we finished our trip with a play in the play barn. Shooting balls at each other. Stuart and I had a whale of a time ;)
A quick tidy up at home, and then it was time for a little tea party with Nanny, Grandma and Grandad. The cake, banana cake topped with the unsweetest butter icing and pigs (of course!) And all the practising of blowing out candles worked!!
And then lots of playing with her new Sylvanian pig family, in her new tree house. Which was actually a hit with all of the children!
Grandma and Grandad got Sophie a Peppa Pig DVD box set, having never watched it before Grandad was very impressed with it, and was laughing out loud at times. Sophie of course was delighted!
Our darling little daughter, who brings smiles to every part of the day, is two!! It still hasn't sunk in. I love spending time with her, watching her grow, marvelling at how she is obviously watching us and learning how to do so many things, amazed at how she makes herself so perfectly understood, despite having very few words in her vocabulary. Here's to the next year of wonderment with her.


  1. Happy birthday Sophie, looks like everyone had a great day.


  2. aaahh what a fab day - I love Peppa pig too, so funny!

  3. Happy birthday to Sophie, it goes so fast doesn't it?!

  4. Aw lovely birthdayness! Whata sweet cake, too! xxxx

  5. Awww happy b'day Sophie. Looks a super day :-)

  6. Wow 2 already! Hapy birthday Sophie xxx


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