Wednesday 18 August 2010

Blog Awards and blogging

I am aware various people over the last few months have awarded me blog awards of differing types. Thank you for thinking that I warrant some kind of award. But such things make me feel rather self-conscious, and have got me thinking about why I blog.

I see my blog as a record of our adventures, some of my musings and just as a lovely way to be able look back on our life. I could do this privately, but choose not to. Why? To be honest, I do not know. I guess it is "the thing to do" at the moment, and really, I would never get around to it if I was only doing it privately.

Blogging has helped me to see beauty and creativity in the normal aspects of life. Helped me to be content with what I have, as I value it all the more. I enjoy reading other people blogs that come across as honest, I guess just like I like people IRL who are honest, and not trying to make something bigger or better than it really is.

Half of me thinks I should pass the awards on, as intended, but then what if I offend someone. I will not pass them on, but would like to thank all of those people whose blogs I read for showing glimpses of their lives, and also a thank you to those who leave comments here. I guess it's as close as you can get to sitting in someones lounge chatting about what's going on in our lives. So here's a virtual cup of tea or coffee, and some homemade cake, whilst we all go about chatting about our lives.


  1. I completely echo your thoughts.

    It's really lovely that others feel they would like to say "I like your blog", but I found it hard to pass them on a while back too - preferring, like you, to just thank everyone for stopping by, and thank them for their blogs too.

    Enjoying a virtual coffee and cake with you xxx

  2. I know what you mean, I have a few awards but have chickened out of properly passing them on most of the time. I feel bad however if I don't accept them so have to do that to stop me feeling guilty - isn't human nature a funny thing.

  3. Likewise, a cuppa together sounds great when life is too busy to make it a real-life one. I am grateful for this shared space in the world, your words, your friendship, and these little updates, and the freedom and encouragement to share mine too.

  4. Just wanted to say happy Birthday to you and Alec! Sounds like you both enjoyed your days! :) Love hearing about what you have been up to xx

  5. Aye, it is nice.. sometimes though it feels like blogland's equivilient of a chain letter, especially when you're suppose to pass onto 15 new bloggers etc.

    I like the idea of having a cuppa much better :-)

  6. Thanks for the coffee and cake - although it is always nice to feel appreciated, I have never passed on an award, or added the badge to my blog. I am always so pleased if anyone takes the time to comment on my writing anyway. xxx

  7. Yep, I know what you are saying! I don't like choosing "my ten best blogs" to pass on, I have so many that I like for different reasons and I don't like to think of them competing with each other. I wonder why I blog too. I never imagined I would something like that and occasionally, like when I'm blogging about something quite personal, I get anxious and wonder if it's right to do so. I've thought about keeping my blog totally 'top-surface', just including the things I've made, the positive bits, but that would feel almost like I was cheating my own feelings and there wouldn't be any point somehow.

    I'm really proud of my blog and love adding to it and reading other people's. Maybe it replaces the group contact of ancient civilisations, where we would normally share all these things, as you say, over a cuppa. xx


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