Monday 23 August 2010

Mama Made Monday - Cinderella

Look at me! I'm organised!! 3 months in the making. Finished just in time for Sophie's birthday on Wednesday! A Cinderella topsy-turvy doll. One way she is Cinders, and the other way she is Cinderella. This is my first attempt at toy making, and I have loved doing it. Just hope Sophie likes it now! Cinders.
And all for the price of one ball of pink wool. Everything else was used from my stash :)
This wonderful idea of sharing mama makes is from Talie at Being Me.


  1. Cinders is fab, I'm sure Sophie will love her. Have been hoping for a grand reveal ;-)
    Birthday wishes for Sophie on wednesday xx

  2. She's beautiful, lucky Sophie - I'm sure she will love it and treasure her mama made doll xx

  3. You do realise that you've started something now. Toy making is really addictive, once I started knitting toys, I just couldn't stop.

    It's really beautiful.

  4. fantastic! i remember as a child having a doll like that where you could swap it around and i loved it :-)


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