Monday, 23 August 2010

Mama Made Monday - Cinderella

Look at me! I'm organised!! 3 months in the making. Finished just in time for Sophie's birthday on Wednesday! A Cinderella topsy-turvy doll. One way she is Cinders, and the other way she is Cinderella. This is my first attempt at toy making, and I have loved doing it. Just hope Sophie likes it now! Cinders.
And all for the price of one ball of pink wool. Everything else was used from my stash :)
This wonderful idea of sharing mama makes is from Talie at Being Me.


  1. Fabulous gift for Sophie xx

  2. Cinders is fab, I'm sure Sophie will love her. Have been hoping for a grand reveal ;-)
    Birthday wishes for Sophie on wednesday xx

  3. She's beautiful, lucky Sophie - I'm sure she will love it and treasure her mama made doll xx

  4. You do realise that you've started something now. Toy making is really addictive, once I started knitting toys, I just couldn't stop.

    It's really beautiful.

  5. fantastic! i remember as a child having a doll like that where you could swap it around and i loved it :-)


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