Monday 9 August 2010

That time of year!

My birthday this time! I could quite easily forget aboutmy birthday, as it isamongst so many others at this time of year, and lots more things that need doing, but celebrate it we did, and we had a lovely time.

I woke early-ish and went downstairs to sort the chickens out. Then sat and did some knitting whilst waiting for the rest of the house to wake. Stuart and the children bought me a lovely celtic fairy and some chocolates, and then asked me to go back downstairs as there was a suprise for me. Well, what a suprise it was, a walnut tree!! I had been talking to Luke how I would like to find a walnut tree in the wild, as I would love some foraged walnuts. Well, now I have my very own! Just got to work out how to keep the squirrels off it!

After a breakfast of pain au chocolat (a birthday treat again!) we went out to a nearby museum that was holding a medieval day. The museum itself has buildings of various eras rebuilt on site, all from the midlands. There was the usual re-enactments, and camps. I got talking to a wonderful lady, sat breastfeeding her 3 month old baby, all in medieval attire. She had the spinning wheel below, and we were talking about different natural dyes. She showed me some walnut dyed thread, which was a lovely brown. Looks like I'll have some more dying to do in the future!

There was this fantastic windmill as part of the museums rebuilds. It took 7 years to restore after falling into disrepair about a century ago.
There were bits of armour for the children to try on.

An Anderson shelter that the children took a shine to. I bet they wouldn't have been so enthusiastic about it if they were having to use it for real, day in and day out! I never realised they were so small. The thought of a family of six or more sat in there, with bombs dropping around them, really does not bear thinking about.
The return home for a birthday tea of chinese take away, and birthday cake (made by Mum).
And then to top it off. As we were waving goodbye to Stuarts parents I noticed a fledgling thrush on the lawn. It was joined by a sibling and they made their ways onto a neighbours lawn. They were so beautiful, and let us get so close to them. I hope they survive all the perils of living in the wild.

Later this week, I will take delivery of another birthday present. A second-hand cello! I have wanted to play the cello for years, so I think this will be the year to learn!!


  1. A belated happy birthday to you xxx

  2. Happy birthday!
    Walnut tree - lovely, we forage from one not far from home - so lovely to pick fresh.
    Dyeing with walnut is lovely - rich colour, you get a different shade from the bark too so worth a try when the tree is bigger and could "miss" a little from pruned branches maybe.
    Spinning wheel tempting you some more?

    Looks like you all had a great day. And a cello - I remember you saying you wanted one - have great fun learning, learning is fun at all ages isn't it :-)xxx

  3. Sounds like a perfect birthday Claire. Wishing you many blessings and walnuts on your tree. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday, looks like you had a wonderful day. I hope you enjoy learning to play the cello, sounds like a wonderful thing to learn xx

  5. Looks like a fabulous birthday! Thanks for following my blog :) xx

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. What fantastic and well thought gifts. Best wishes to you. xx

  7. Aw, I missed this!! Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great day. The cello is a beautiful instrument, looking forward to seeing how you get on with it! xx


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