Thursday 28 January 2010

Tie dye

Following the Green Parent meet last May, the tie-dye bug hit hard! I have been dyeing many plain fabrics, some like this first t-shirt are for our personal use, others are to jazz up old clothes, with the intention of selling them on. I have put a selection on here to show different techniques I have been using, but am gutted that I cannot find the poppered vest that I had managed to do a heart on! When I find it I will post that too.

If anything interests you, please feel free to ask. Most things are 0-3 months or 3-6 months. But as Sophie grows, more fabrics are available, and I also scour the charity shops looking for clothes for older children or adults too. I have a bin bag full of items waiting to be tie-dyed I just need and excuse to do some more!

Stuart has promised me a website, but it is someway down on the "list". I haven't quite decided on prices, but they will be around the £2 mark (some less, some more)


  1. Hey, they're great. I've been looking forward to seeing your results.

  2. Very impressive - they look fab xx

  3. Those are all so gorgeous! I will certainly be buying. *grins*


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