Friday 22 January 2010

Alec the evacuee

Alec is learning about WWII at school. This morning he did an assembly with his classmates to share what they have been learning, and parents were invited to watch.

This was the first time in any school performance that he has had a "role", up to this point he has always been in the background, or even worse, on the back row with a taller child stood in front of him. He has been so excited by this play they were putting on, and kept checking that I would be going to see it (as if I wouldn't!)

So this morning we sat straining our ears to try and hear the children, as they were relying on the microphones to allow everyone to hear. Then came Alec's turn, and no microphone was needed! He gave it his all, with all the enthusiasm and excitement that his role called for! I am so proud that this tiny little boy, who many teachers seem to have neglected to really acknowledge, has really done himself proud.

I do wonder whether I was the only one who was trying to hold back the tears when the "evacuees" were waving goodbye to their "mothers". How hard those times must have been. I am so grateful our children have not had to experience that.


  1. Beautiful, and well done Alec! I too have a hard time holding back tears at the thought (notably recently when Jenna watched the first of the new Narnia films).

  2. It must have been so awful. My parents were children during the war, and my Dad tells some interstng stories about that time. Great for Alec though, being such a star -


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