Monday 25 January 2010

Long time, no see

Well, it has been, embarrasingly, over 2 months since I last went down to the allotment. Christmas, weather and illness all seems to have eaten into allotment time. But that really is no excuse. Fortunately everything seems in good order. We have garlic and onions sending up shoots...

...cabbages ready for harvesting...

... and everything seems to have survived the neglect quite admirably.

Todays tasks were limited to what could be done with bare hands or secateurs, due to me not having my keys for the shed. But I was still able to prune the blackcurrants and redcurrants, as well as the tayberrys and raspberries. Move the carpet mulch to allow birds to feast on grubs lurking there, begin to thin the strawberry plot, begin to build a bonfire, and harvest some spinach and cabbage.

I'm looking forward to this growing season, and later this week hope to start some sowing at home.


  1. I love how organised you are with it all!! I'd love to grow my own, but everytime I suggest it, the other half comments on all the weeds in the garden and suggests using lots of weedkiller which I'm not keen on, I tried digging them out last spring but he just sat tutting saying I was never going to manage! Any advice, I tried pots but wasn't sure what type of soil to use, my herbs didn't grow at all!!

  2. Looking really good. I am always impressed at how you even make it to your plot. I often don't even manage down to the back garden plot. Your garlic is much better than mine :)

  3. Karen,
    I started out with just a few things in the back garden, such as climbing peas, spuds in an old compost bag, tomatoes in a grow bag. I tend to buy peat-free compost for the pots, but you need to keep on top of the watering, as they dry out far quicker. Perhaps try a variety of things this year, some will not work (my nemesis is carrots, but I am determined to grow them this year), but some will, and it is those that will spur you on.

    Stick with the weeding by hand, you will get there, although is doesn't feel like it at times.

  4. Jacqui, they are strategically taken photos ;)

    I was a bit worried about some yellow leaves on them, I'll have to see if it is just the wet soil, or something else :(

  5. Have a great growing year. I've started some more seeds this week - mostly tomatoes.

    A bit of neglect never hurts, I totally neglected a Melon plant last Summer but had the most delicious round fruit from it - I was amazed at it.

    Your garlic looks fine - yellowing is usually that they have been very wet recently or could be in need of a bit of Nitrogen which they should start getting more now the weather is warming and if the Sun shines for you, or give a quick feed if you have something.

  6. Lots of allotment neglect here too:) I planned to do lots of 'clearing up' during autumn, but somehow never got around to it and the ground is too wet now for digging. But we do have 2.5 allotment plots AND a big garden, so perhaps I need to downsize lol!


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