Friday 15 June 2012


 "Why do I do this?"  This is what I was asking myself down the allotment today!  It was so disheartening to go down there.  I was dreading going down, knowing that the weeds would be big, the crops would be struggling (if they hadn't been eaten by slugs), and the ground would be water logged.  I wasn't far wrong.  The above photo was the strawberry bed I had weeded and fertilised about a month ago.  I was struggling to see any strawberry plants at all. 

The pumpkins were still there, which I suppose is a blessing, but they were definitely not looking their best, and the courgette plants were looking decidedly yellow.
 This is supposed to be where the leeks are. Hmmm, I certainly couldn't spot any there *sigh*
 It is certainly looking very lush, and that grass is looking very long! 
 So feeling completely overwhelmed, I set too, weeding the strawberry bed.  A blessing that the ground is so soft that many of the weeds pulled out easily enough.  Then I noticed the sky getting darker, the birds singing their pre-storm song.  It was too late to cycle back home, and I couldn't shelter in the shed, because Stuart had the shed keys, so I had to shelter the best I could under the apple tree amongst the nettles.  "Why?" was going through my head alot by that point!
 And the tree didn't really offer much shelter, so I packed up and started home.
It wasn't all bad though.  Stuart was on his way home from work, realised how heavy the rain was and came and picked me up, bike and all.  And there are some strawberries ripening up...
 ...some peas filling their pods...
 ...and the chance of a bumper crop of raspeberries.
So, not all bad, but I think this year might test the hardiest of gardeners!!


  1. I send you sympathy! The same thing happened to me, I spent hours weeding and prepping the garden and then a few weeks of rain and it looks as if I hadn't done a thing!

  2. So glad that you and your bike got rescued from your soggy fate, Claire. Your plants are ahead of ours in the Portland, OR area.
    Happy Weekend!
    Gracie <3

  3. We finally have some sun here.. hubby is out on his tractor mowing the pasture. I'm catching up with a bunch of stuff on my computer which seems a terrible waste of a pretty day. Maybe tomorrow I will get to enjoy it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Waah how frustrating! Well, your patch is looking better than mine, though that isn't saying a lot for it, and you have worked much harder than I have! :S

  5. It is really annoying when all of your hard work does not give you any reward....although, the weather hasn't helped at all! I am sure that when the weather improves your plot will take off :)


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