Friday 29 June 2012

Another catch up!!

 I'm getting very slack with my blogging of late.  But to be honest, not much has been going on, just the usual routine of school, food, sleep, school, food, sleep!  Oh and rain! 

We had Father's Day the other weekend, and one of the gifts for Stuart (besides beer and chocolate) was this handprint forest from the children.  Each tree trunk has the child's name by the side of it, and each child was supposed to put their hand in the paint, and make a handprint.  All going well, until we got to Sophie!  She refused point blank to co-operate, so we ended up drawing around her hand on a seperate piece of paper, painting it and cutting it out to stick on the canvas.    Well, it is a true representation of Sophie!  But can you imagine my despair, when she came home from pre-school that following week, having been hand and foot painting!  Argh!!!

I managed to finish off the commissioned bag for a friend.  I have named it the Hibiscus bag, and you can read more about it here.
 A blog post this week would not be accurate if it didn't talk about the rain!  We had the biggest thunder storm I have ever witnessed, with torrential rain, well torrential isn't really a big enough word to describe it, mad, crazy, ridiculous amounts of rain is more like it!  Living on a hill we don't tend to suffer from flooding, but we had a veritable river racing passed our house.  I'm not sure this picture shows it very well, but the water was flowing over ourr garden and through the flower bed.  Next door had things swept  up in the water and deposited around the corner of their house!  I know, given some of the pictures out there, this seems really mild, but it was certainly a talking point!!
 And this week, I got introduced, by Sharon, to "The Old Needle Works" which is a fantastic collection of vintage shops, craft shops and cafe.  There are courses run there, and it is just amazing!  There is a wool shop which is exactly how I have dreamed of having my wool shop, with workshops, fleece, and everything you ever need for all things woolly.  In the cafe, you pick your own cup and saucer from a collection of vintage cups and saucers on the dresser, and settlle down with some crafty mags at one of the tables with beautiful tablecloths on.  One of the vintage shops had teddy bears having a picnic around a fire, and I managed to pick up a glass jelly mould too! 

This bag is the result of my visit to the wool shop, I had decided I wanted to do some Nuno felting.  I had chosen the fabric I wanted to use, so picked up some merino fibres to match, and set too that evening!  They also had bags of dyed Wensleydale locks, which I just had to incorporate into the bag! 
We were supposed to have sports days and schools, but they have been postponed because of the weather.  Sophie has an introduction to her new class next week, and I might have to pop down to the allotment in between all the rain!  So that's about that for now! Hope you have been able to make something of this mad weather, and have a good week ahead.


  1. Love the handprint forest, what a fab fathers day gift, and your knitted bag is gorgeous...........the rain storms were horrendous. x

  2. It's good to see you pop in for a hello. Glad all is well! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Awesome bags! Great work, mama. :)

  4. Oooh your bags are gorgeous! I can't believe how rotten this summer is, and I hope you get some nice weather soon - surely it can't get any worse?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x x


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