Saturday 9 June 2012

A quick update

 Jubilee weekend was a community affair  with the close decorated in red, white and blue.  There were races organised for big...
 ...and small!
 Plus plenty of food, and the most amazing cakes.  The weather kindly stayed dry for us, and we met people who had lived in the same road as us for many years without ever meeting them!
 Alec and Ethan had their karate grading, and our now proud owners of a yellow belt each.
 Much of the week, the dining room has been out of action as much scenery has been produced for the wargaming club.
 We've also managed to have a massive clearout of things, and trips to the charity shop and the "dump" have created more space in general.  Plus many things have been put aside for a car boot sale (as soon as the weather is half way decent!!)

And in amidst all this, whilst waiting for supplies for other projects I have created some bunting. I have blogged about it here, and it is for sale in my Etsy shop.


  1. Busy busy busy...your Jubilee sounded just what it should have been all about. I love the fetching pink sack! I am not sure I could have raced wearing it though! I also love your new bunting. Good Luck at your boot sale! I think as soon as you make space your lot are going to fill it! :) x

  2. Glad you are having happy busy days, Claire. When you finish organizing your stuff you can come across the pond and have a go at mine :) Your bunting is very cheery!
    I have never made any, but you do make it look like I should.
    Gracie <3

  3. love the bunting...and go on tell...did you win the race?

  4. LOL! Not a chance! Too busy trying to keep everything where it should be (hair, jacket etc) and keep hold of the sack, to be putting my efforts into winning!!

  5. Looks like you have had a lovely time! I love your bunting - it look amazing :)


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