Saturday 14 April 2012

Ticking them off

 Another Story bag finished!  It is such a great feeling, to be completeing all these projects all at once.  I am pleased with how everything seems to be coming together.   And it seems to give me so much more headspace.  Little bags made to fit the the story book in perfectly, and then enough space for the knitted characters in the main part of the bag.
 I love how an idea develops.  I had initially thought of just a bridge with a stream running beneath it to symbolise the story, but as I was putting it together it developed into the banks, and then the squareness to match the bag.  Little details probably lost on the recipient, but that make me feel rather satisfied.  It can get rather addictive this creating lark, but I am going to tear myself away from it to get on with the allotment, honestly I am, but I still have a 6 inch ring to finish, and a bag to make, then there is the guild challenge I need to start spinning for, and...
... see what I mean!  Addictive!  But off to sow some seeds... tomorrow!


  1. The Story bags are so clever, Claire! I love seeing the work you have done, and am so glad you find satisfaction doing it. I can imagine those who receive them will treasure them. I planted some wave petunias, geraniums, Stock, creeping thyme, and deep purple blue lobelia today. Ahhh Spring!<3

  2. Your story bags are utterly gorgeous! I bet the owners will be thrilled with them! Happy seed sowing x x x

  3. oh wow these are just so brilliant :-) x x

  4. Oh Claire, thank you sooo much for visiting my blog because that way I came across yours too and I am absolutly in LOVE with the things you make. What a fantastic ieda, those story bags!!! I am so exhited! I have just knitted some of those sheep I can see in your bag ;-) now I know where they will go next time.


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