Wednesday 4 April 2012

The Journey of the Rings

It's Spinspiration time again!!

It really is quite a journey of discovery creating these rings.  I have finished the 2-D one, I might add a few more touches to it, but am pleased enough with it.  The clam shell and fishes are crocheted and sewn on.  The grey edging (zwartble) is supposed to be a porthole that you are viewing the underwater view through.  And everything else is needle felted.  The 3-D one of the robin on a nest is hitting a few stumbling blocks, which is a shame as I was really excited by the idea of creating this.  The biggest problem has been the dyeing of the wool.  I was hoping to spin enough white Portland to then dye it with woad and weld.  Firstly I've not had enough time to spin the white, and then the whole process of dyeing using woad seems to complicated, and I never have enough time in any big enough chunk of time to get anywhere with it.  So I am contemplating spinning some green roving I have, and see if it is enough, I'm not sure it will be, but I really do want to get this done.
 The robin is headless at the moment, and is awaiting its red breast.  Time is ticking on, and I will really have to crack on with it.
The Guild have announced their new competition to be completed in time for Christmas.  A cushion cover, so I am looking forward to having an excuse to sit down with my wheel and get some serious spinning done.  I have also been browsing Ravelry for some ideas for designs.  If I can co-ordinate it with our revamp of our lounge then I can see it having pride of place on our new three-piece suite!

That's probably all the woolly news for now.  Looking forward to seeing what others have been up to this last month.


  1. Loving your ring! Working on mine too, nowhere near finished yet though.

    Hope you get time to do the dyeing, it does need some time to itself though but rewarding.

    Our challenge was a cushion last year - I did my woven squares one and loved the challenge. Trying to remember what this years is - was set last month (?).

    Lovely to see what you've been up to x

  2. Oh I love it! Well done you. :)

  3. Popped by to let you know you can get the Milk fibre in the UK at World of Wool or Winghams, and probably other fibre suppliers. It's very silky and slippery.
    (just thought it would help as you asked about it on another blog)

  4. Hi Claire
    So much creativity. Your ring is really lovely.
    Best wishes

  5. Love your artwork.. reminds me of my fish pond! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi Claire, amazing, look forward to seeing your little robin hatch.
    Thank you for visiting and kind comments.
    The squares went to Sibol but I like them so much I might just make more for me!
    Happy Easter.
    Carol xx

  7. Claire I am seriously impressed, your view through the porthole is beautiful. It makes me think I should persevere with needle felting although it hurts!

  8. WOW! That is amazing - you are very creative :)


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