Saturday 7 April 2012

Making memories.

It was Stuart's Dad's birthday today.  We wanted to make it special for him, as being lonely on your birthday would be awful, so went and picked him up to take him out for breakfast.  After eventually finding somewhere that would do breakfast without us having to wait 45 minutes for a table (I never knew going out for breakfast would be so popular!!) we then went on to tour around where Stan grew up. 

We went to where the house he was born in would have been if it hadn't been knocked down in the 1950's for a road.  The surrounding area was relatively untouched, so we were able to see his friends houses, where the gas lampost used to be where him and his friends would congregate.  The green they would play ball on, until they put railings up to stop them (the railing were then taken down to use the metal for munitions during WWII)  We saw where he moved to when he was fourteen.  There was a very poignant moment sat outside that particular house.  The blind was twitching as the current occupants were wondering why people were sat in the car looking at their house, but at that moment, Stan was telling us how that house had seen all four boys going off to war, and welcoming them all back home again.  It made me wonder what hidden histories everything holds. 

We saw more houses where children were born, where Jean grew up, where Jean and Stan got married, and where Stuart spent his early years.  From Bromford Lane, to Howard Road, from Marston Grove to where he is now.  With many more places linked to along the way.  It was a wonderful way to spend a day, enjoyable for Stan reminiscing, and enjoyable for us in learning more about the history we are all joined to.

Plus to top it off, he got an Ipad of his very own, and the Baggies won!!  Hopefully we were able to make it a special day, and I know it has for me (in family speak) "made a memory".


  1. Ahh what a great day for you all, especially Stan. :) x

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday.. you are so good! What an amazing gift, too! Happy Easter! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely - sounds like you all had a really nice day, hugs to all x

  4. How wonderful for him to relive and share those many memories, that was such a thoughtful thing for you all to do.

  5. Thanks for sharing your special day, and a great idea! <3


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