Saturday 31 March 2012

A thing of beauty?

 Our garden, over the years has descended into a garden of functionality and utility, rather than a thing of beauty.  Admittedly it has never been stunning.  It was full of hawthorn and bramble bushes when we moved in, but we did quite a bit when Luke was little.  But with four children, and three chickens the last few years have seen it become neglected. 
 The playhouse needs attention and a lick of paint, the trampoline, whilst loved by the children, definitely dominates the garden.
 The chickens wrecked the lawn...
 ...but, we have turned a corner.  The lawn is ree-seeded, and beginning to show signs of growing.
 There are little snippets of beauty in both the front and the back garden, which I hang on to, and hope that these little pockets of beauty will soon be more widespread.

 I have many ideas for how to create a garden I want to sit in again.  There will be challenges, especially with it being north facing, and having four children and a zonking big trampoline.  But if I can create a little haven I will be happy.
Plans include, repairing the playhouse, and making a stone path outside the door to the play house.  The mound of grass in front of the playhouse to become a mini wildflower meadow.  A grassed lawn, and possibly some decking close to the house as grass grows so poorly there.  Pots full of flowers, perhaps some bunting in the trees.

Whilst the children are off for Easter, I know that dragging them down the allotment will be impossible, so I will let the crops do their own thing for two weeks, whilst  I turn my attentions to our own garden.  Fingers crossed eh?


  1. Hope your gardening plans go well and you all have a lovely Easter :-)

  2. I'm sure you will turn your garden into an oasis. What do you call that yellow flower? I have some but don't know the name. Have a great week!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Well, my mum gave me some she had split from her garden, and she calls it Jews Mallow. So that is what I know it as, but don't know how accurate that is.

  3. I know just how you feel, we have been in our home for 25 years now and the garden has gone through many changes to accommodate two extensions, childrens play houses and just when I thought I could re-claim it my 20+ daughter bought two sheds to house her rabbits and guinea pig. I have a mound of soil next to it that was the surplus of leveling off the site and it is now covered in masses of dandylions. great for the rabbits (in moderation ) but not nice for the aesthetics of my garden. Keep smiling

  4. I can picture you sitting there in your perfect garden - your plans sound lovely and definitely doable. Get some bunting up now :-) xx

  5. Great plans Claire; just having something in mind makes you feel better, don't you think? Hope you have fun making the ideas reality! xx

  6. Oh that looks like its going to be so pretty! x


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