Thursday 15 March 2012

And we're off!

 The season has started!  I had been a little reluctant to go down the allotment, as I was a little scared as to what I would find after a couple of months of neglect.  I kept making excuses, but yesterday I decided Sophie and I would go and have a look.  I thought with Sophie with me it would be a brief visit, but she really enjoyed herself, and we had a good couple of hours down there.  We managed to clear enough space to get the red onion sets in the ground.  Sophie enjoyed poking the onions into the holes she had made, but wasn't so keen on planting in straight lines, more like clumps!  So we won't win any competitions for neat, tidy rows, but at least she knows which way is up on an onion set!
 We harvested the parsnips, which really hadn't amounted to much.  Usually they do really well, but not this time.
 There's some purple sprouting on its way.  Just go to harvest it at the right time this year, not get greedy and wait for it to get that little bit bigger, and end up being inedible because it has gone woody.
 And peas beginning to shoot in the mini greenhouse.  I like to get some on the way at home, then plant them out when I sow more seeds at the allotment, that way I prolong the harvest a little more.
The plan is to use one of Sophie's pre-school sessions each week to be down the allotment come rain or shine.  I can't wait for the weather to be right AND me have the time to get down there.  So no more fair weather gardening for me, I'm going to have to harden myself up and get grafting!!


  1. Looking good, great to hear you have a little helper these days too.

    Between us we have spent a good bit of time on ours the last fortnight and it's looking good!

    have a great week x

  2. It's looking like you are going to have a lovely crop of onions and peas this year :)

  3. Adorable photographs of your little gardener, she looks very happy. Well done you for getting a good start, I am hoping for a tour soon :)

  4. You're getting a good start on your garden! We're having downpours here, so our garden will have to wait. Hubby is making raised beds this year, too!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What a lovely way to spend the day! I have been out in my garden every weekend rain or shine for a while now although I may only last half an hour!

  6. You've both done well! I'm still at the scared, overwhemed bit! I keep using these showers we're getting inbetween the sunshine as my excuse! ;-) Once, I make a start I won't want to stop.

  7. Love this post! That's exactly how I felt about our garden, but we've started weeding and planting.


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