Friday 30 March 2012

No more excuses

Stuart's birthday present.  A rowing machine.  We figured that the cost for us both to join the gym would be paid off relatively quickly if we just got this, and the results should be the same.  Plus it fits in alot better around all the other committments we have.  So, after piling on the weight these last 6 months or so, I now have no excuse.  I have a form of exercise readily available day and night, it is Spring which means there is alot of work to be done down the allotment, plus I have been found to have quite an underactive thyroid, so I am hoping the medication will start to take effect soon, and my body starts working the way it should.  I am really quite excited at the prospect of having more energy, and not being so heavy, so when I am complaining of aching I will have to remind myself of that!


  1. Claire it looks like a contraption of torture to me! It should carry a health warning!

  2. I think it may well become known as something along those lines Lucy, but it gets the results, so needs must!

  3. What a great idea!


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